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Most Wonderful Time of the Year.. Not XMAS Either!
March 20, 2009, 12:23 PM
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i honestly don’t care if cassie cant really sing, she’s fly! the new joint by her “must be love” is no club banger, but its on the chill tip and will definitely be getting a lot of radio play. too bad diddy aka p.twitty is all over the track. if you haven’t heard it yet, be sure to grab it before your best friend is singing and you don’t know any of the words yet. the track as a whole is cool. it has a summer time feel to it, which fits perfect with the weather we’ve been having here in southern california lately. 80 degrees in march?!? can’t go wrong with that. the majority of this week i’ve spent at home trying to rest since i’ve been sick. even though i have been under the weather, i’ve somehow found a way to go drinking the past 2 nights hahaha! i will definitely be chillin today and tonight just watching the college basketball games so i don’t get sicker before tomorrow night. if you don’t know yet, i will be at C7 in downtown san diego. so be thurr!


Just Got Back From LA
March 16, 2009, 12:47 AM
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drove back home around 8pm tonight from a long weekend in LA. headed up friday after dropping lil sissy at the airport. it was nice to go and have lunch with my joy. i’m proud to say she’s officially a doctor now. we hit up the UCI area where she took me to le diplomat for sandwiches. definitely good stuff. afterwards i headed to the car show where everyone was there setting up for roll-in. ended up staying there and riding around in the golf cart with mickeefree. afterwards we linked up at zooie’s place to head to highlands in hollywood. overall the night was so so, but seeing tom green on stage rappin tribe called quest verses was pretty damn funny. hahaha!

woke up saturday and got ready for the car show. the show was definitely crackin’! i’ve never seen a line like they had just to get in the venue. at the booth, it was by far the best booth at the show. mitt/cutie court/babe blvd/21xl were all there and in effect. peep what the booth looked like from inside.

after leaving the show around 8pm, i had to head to tustin to DJ at strike inside the district shopping complex. to all you in the OC, you can find me there once a month. got up around noon sunday and watched the first half of the lakers/mavs game. at half time i headed to the mitt shoot where they were doing a photoshoot with a benilda who happened to be at the mitt booth as well. shes from washington state and an up and coming model so peep game and get to know her. after the shoot where we hit up lawry’s inside south coast plaza. that ish is bomb!

this week ill be here in san diego all week and weekend where i’ll be at C7(formally submission and jade theater), so come through and show support for your favortie DJ(thats me!).

I thought I’ve seen it all.. I guess not!
March 7, 2009, 11:39 AM
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so i’m at the club last night, didn’t feel the same. i was at what is now submission nightclub, but in my mind it will always be jade theater. i was there all of last year through it all and i kinda fell in love with that place cause of vibe and probably the good people that ran it. anyways.. so i’m djing upstairs and there is this white girl shaking her ass right in front of me. i had to look, it was right there. but i noticed she had some crazy tattoo on her back. as soon as i saw what it was i almost started laughing in her face. you tell me if you wouldn’t laugh as well. this thing covered her entire back. hahahahhahaha!

15hrs in Las Vegas
March 2, 2009, 6:31 PM
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the past couple days have truly been a bluurrr. san diego to orange county to dj, then orange county to las vegas in all in less than 12hrs. don’t really want to go into the entire weekend but i’ll just post up a few pics and you fill in the blanks.

Hot Import Nights – LA
February 26, 2009, 1:57 AM
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its definitely that time of the year again.

the car show season is back and in full swing again. the biggest of them all is first on the agenda in los angeles. this year they have a new venue and its going down at dodger stadium ANGEL STADIUM in Anaheim. the homies from models in the trunk and i will be in attendance where i’ll be djing in the booth being shared by babe blvd and cutie court. just look for all the hottest girls at the car show, thats where i will be.

for presale tickets click on the flyer below to get a discount using the code: MITT

also peep out the latest MITT model: tina lee out of the bay area. she will be in the MITT booth at HIN LA

I miss dope djs
February 25, 2009, 11:22 PM
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shout outs to dj day and exile for killin it over the weekend in san francisco. seeing this makes me wanna move out of san diego as soon as i can.

February 25, 2009, 7:38 PM
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keeping with the music theme, i’ve been getting good feedback from readers about me posting music and letting them know what i’m feeling and like. got this today, so i thought you’d enjoy. grab it in the comments as always.

MSTRKFRT – Fist of God